• [DC] Daniel Collins
  • [HP] Heidi Perrett
  • [JB] Justin Baker
  • [NM] Nicholas May (Chair)
  • [MS] Manodeep Sinha


  • [NL] Nooriyah Poonawala-Lohani


For the detailed agenda see: GitHub Issue 8

1. Approval of Previous Minutes

See link: Minutes from Meeting No.2. Passed unanimously.

2. Update to Co-Chair position

HP notified the committee that she would have to step down as co-chair, due to changes in her professional commitments, but will continue as a general member. The committee agreed to continue the arrangement of having co-chairs, so that the position’s workload could be shared. MS was elected unopposed to the vacant co-chair position, and endorsed unanimously by the committee.

3. RSE Leaders Workshop 2020

RSE-AUNZ has been invited by the Society of RSE (SocRSE) to participate in planning for the next RSE Leaders Meeting. It was agreed that NM would liaise with SocRSE and keep the committee informed of progress.

4. Planning 2020

It was decided to postpone discussion of ‘Goals & Deliverables for 2020’ to a special meeting, to be held in early February.

5. eResearch Australia 2019

The committee agreed that the activities at eResAus2019, including the Mini-Conference and BoF, should be shared via the website. The committee members running the respective activities will be tasked with collecting the output and reformatting for sharing with the RSE community.

6. eResearch NZ 2020

The involvement of RSE-AUNZ in this upcoming conference was raised, specifically with reference to a post by NL on the ‘Australia-New-Zealand’ channel of the RSE Slack site: “Hi @channel, We now have a time slot for an RSE BoF at eResearchNZ, if you have ideas on how I should run it or would like to contribute to it please let me know I would love to have more people involved in putting this together. Do try and make it to the BoF, we would love to see you there!”

It was agreed that the committee should assist NL in organizing the event, as this is an opportunity to extend and engage with the RSE community in New Zealand.

7. Website Content

A draft update to the RSE-AUNZ website has been shared with the committee. It was agreed that the new layout offered a more professional branding, however, significant work will be required to update the content. It was agreed that we should aim to have a branding and content update to the site before eResNZ 2020 (i.e. by 12th Feb. 2020).

8. Casual Vacancies

Several potential candidates have been identified from discussions at eResearch Australasia 2019. In addition, the committee agreed to promote the open positions at the upcoming eResearch NZ 2020 conference

9. Any other business



  • [NL] Coordinate RSE-AUNZ activities and messaging at eResNZ 2020.
  • [NM] Coordinate content and layout updates to the website, [due 2020-02-11].
  • [HP] Contact Rowland Mosbergen about pictures from eResAus 2019 Workshop.
  • [HP, NL] Gather content from Workshop and BoF at eResAus 2019.
  • [All] Provide input and content for eResNZ 2020 activities.
  • [All] Provide feedback on the draft website to NM.

Next Meeting

Feb. 25th at 2pm (AEDT)

Notes These minutes have been drafted under part of the Chatham House Rule. This promotes openness, and inclusion, by not attributing any specific comment to any individual/s. The exception is that participants are necessarily listed as attendees of the Steering Committee meeting.