We are participating in the international survey for RSEs simultaneously run across Australia, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, UK and USA. The purpose of this survey is to collect information about people who develop research software. This survey gives you the opportunity to express your views about your current job and your career path, and constitutes a first step towards identifying the key characteristics of the RSE community in Australia and New Zealand.

The survey url is: https://bit.ly/RSESurvey2018

The survey takes about 10-15 mins to finish and only has a handful of mandatory questions. The survey is completely confidential, and should you so choose, you also have the option of removing your entry from the survey at a later date.

We hope to present initial summaries of the survey during both the BoF session and the 1-day RSE workshop at eResearch Australasia this year. Eventually, in keeping with previous surveys, we plan to release the anonymized data as an open dataset.