• [JB] Justin Baker

  • [MS] Manodeep Sinha

  • [NL] Nooriyah Poonawala-Lohani (Chair)

  • [JS] Janet Stacey

  • [RL] Rebecca Lange

  • [RM] Rowland Mosbergen

  • [PM] Paula Martinez



For the detailed agenda see: GitHub Issue 38

Approval of Previous Minutes

Previous minutes unavailable at the time of meeting.

Planning Activities

  • Welcome Paula to the committee. Looking forward to working together

    • Change meeting time to 8am WA time

    • Quarterly online event - previously discussed planning of webinar series. Never got off the ground with the last committee. Will be somewhat superseded by the RSE conference. But a need for smaller, more frequent events (webinars or local meetups) to grow engagement outside of the annual conference is recognised. ARDC may be able to assist with organisation.

    • RSE Survey - closes end February. An event to present results would need to be in late March/early April ACTION tentative Report on RSE survey results in April. investigate live-stream options with anonymous chat function

    • Direction/Strategy of committee - We need to think about how we operate. Do we want to remain high level contributors with a lot of community engagement for direction through the mechanisms of the conference and mailing list engagement. Or deal with more minutiae. But maybe we build a starting point for the conversation. What does the future look like?

    • Potential RSE Australia conference/eResearch collab - Not discussed

    • Outreachy - Not discussed

    • Metrics for RSE contributions - Not discussed

    • Impact stories - Not discussed

Actions From Previous Minutes:

  • None

Any Other Business

  • None

Actions Carried Forward


  • Create a permanent Agenda item for each meeting to discuss strategy. Organise an Action Workshop to define how we will move forward with setting strategy.

Next Meeting(s)

  • Scheduled: Tues 22 March 2022 2pm AEDT/4pm NZT


These minutes have been drafted under part of the Chatham House Rule. This promotes openness, and inclusion, by not attributing any specific comment to any individual/s. The exception is that participants are necessarily listed as attendees of the Steering Committee meeting.