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Follow up on action items from last meeting:

  • M to create two separate documents in order to apply for fiscal sponsorship to Open Life Sciences (OLS)
  • i) Succession plan: this document will ensure the committee’s operationalibilty in case of SC members stepping down.
  • ii) Dispute resolution and linked from the governance document. Find then Dispute resolution document on the website here.

Discussion on the dispute resolution process

  • An agreement has been made on steps 1-7 of the dispute resolution process.
  • action item: go back to OLS to clarify what the final tie breaker should look like (a person, random choice etc).

Discussion on succession plan

  • An agreement of succession has been made on most scenarios of single or multiple SC members stepping down. Details can be found in the Succession plan document.

Updates on running items:

Update on NZRSE Conference 2023

  • talks have been approved and decided on
  • See here for the conference website


  • We are getting ready for the event.
  • Had to use a personal credit card for Zoom Events.

Face to Face meetings

  • This is ongoing. We want to email this as part of the regular monthly email.

Senior Advisory Board

  • Going to be treated as 2024 thing. I might chat unofficially with senior panelists from RSEAA2023 if I get the chance though.

RSE UK submission

  • Johanna is going and going to give a 2 min talk on RSEAUNZ in the leaders meeting

Getting new SC members

  • we need new steering committee members
  • we need an advisory panel and regular members

New business:

  • We are considering to change the meeting minute format on the website from pdf to hackmd - agreed
  • We want an email template to send after every meeting.
    • Link to meeting minutes with one sentence highlight interest - eg. We are currently talking to Open Life Science about being a fiscal sponsor.
    • Note about regular online and in person meetings for this month - standard text each time
    • Note about big things like NZ RSE and RSEAA
    • One news item (if appropriate) and then a link to the item.
  • Question from one person in the community about an official chat for RSE eg. Slack or Discord. There is already a Code@Melbourne Discord server setup by Grace.
  • Discord server could be used to having scheduled times to mingle
  • RSE TED talks