RSE Steering Committee Meeting October 2023 (Tue 24th October)


  • RM
  • JB
  • MS

Update fiscal sponsorship MS

New business

  • Suggestion by RM: We should keep new business to a minimum, given that we only have three out of the five members attending. Focusing on operational and new members might be useful.

New committee members

  • MS to ask contact NeSI.


  • [Recurring item] Setup the monthly email template in advance so that it can be approved in the meeting so it can be sent out as part of the meeting - kind of like a co-working session. Standing item of the committee should be to approve the email for this month. This was agreed by MS, JB, RM.

Meeting minutes

  • [New] Standing item of the committe should be to approve a draft minutes to put on the website. This was agreed by MS, JB, RM.
  • [New] Minimise what is put into the minutes, focus on actions and chasing-up while still making it useful for the community. This was agreed by MS, JB, RM.

Approval procedure for SC matters

  • [New] Discuss that when we have non-financial, non-strategic, operational changes that need to be approved and partial approval from members of 50%, we seek approval from the rest of the committee by email. If there is no response within 3 business days (with a reminder after 2 business days) and no previous email about unavailability that we can go ahead. However, this could break the decision making process for OLS.
    • This was agreed by MS, JB, RM.