• [DC] Daniel Collins
  • [HP] Heidi Perrett
  • [JB] Justin Baker
  • [NL] Nooriyah Poonawala-Lohani (Chair)
  • [NM] Nicholas May


  • [MS] Manodeep Sinha


For the detailed agenda see: GitHub Issue 9

1. Approval of Previous Minutes

See link: Minutes from Meeting No.3. Passed unanimously.

Actions carried forward: [HP] & [HP, NL] regarding content from eResAus 2019.

2. Planning 2020

Goals & Deliverables for 2020


The committee agreed that the goals defined last year are still pertinent and will be retained for 2020. Therefore, the goals of RSE-AUNZ are as follows: G1 - Build an active, diverse, sustainable community.G2 - Define our role within the eResearch, Academic, Professional contexts.G3 - Form the connection between communities: people and organizations.G4 - Obtain recognition for our organization and the role it plays.


It was agreed that some amendments to the prior year’s deliverables were required, to reflect progress made by the new steering committee and our evolving priorities.

a. Amendments and Approval.
D1 - Publish a Manifesto or Mission Statement:

A mission statement or manifesto.

D2 - Define Personas, Profiles, or Personal Stories:

Profiles, personal stories. or personas of the people that form the RSE community.

D3 - Create Impact Stories:

Impact stories, for organizations.

D4 - Maintain a sustainable Web Presence:

Improve the web presence and move towards a more sustainable process for funding and maintenance.

Note: Updated to reflect the completed upgrade of the website’s branding and content for a more user-friendly experience. Also, reflects the need to move towards a sustainable model for funding and deployment of new content.

D5 - Run Face-to-face Meetings:

Grow contacts and run face-to-face meetings in states and regional areas not yet engaged, such as: NSW, SA, TAS, etc.

Note: Updated to recognise that we have now run a meeting in NZ.

D6 - Create an Info Pack for Local RSE Groups:

An info pack for Local RSE Groups.

D7 - Members Survey:

Survey our existing community (google group) and report back a summary of the results

Note: This deliverable has been added to support the desire of the committee for input from the membership.

b. Prioritisation.

The committee agreed that priorities should be focused to support the primary goal (G1) by providing a) increasing engagement with the community and b) providing more on-line content to members. Priority 1: D1 (Manifesto) and D7 (Survey).

Priority 2: D2 (Personas), D4 (Web Presence) and D5 (Meetings)

Priority 3: D3 (Impact Stories) and D6 (Info Packs).

c. Assignment to Committee Members.

The committee agreed that deliverables should be assigned to committee members for clarification and initial scoping of activities. Given the limited resources available for this exercise, the committee agreed that only Priority 1. and 2. deliverables would be assigned, at this time.

The assignments are detailed in the Actions section below.

3. RSE Leaders Workshop 2020

No update. NM to act as liaison with the organizers.

4. eResearch NZ 2020

The workshop was successful and attracted a small number of new members.Participants were encouraged to create personal profiles and share with the organizers.Feedback from participants was that they perceived RSE-AUNZ as a developing organization, as opposed to one that is still being established.

5. Casual Vacancies

Several candidates have expressed their enthusiasm at eResearch NZ 2020.

The committee agreed to take a lightweight approach to appointing members to the two remaining committee positions, whilst still aiming to increase the diversity of the committee. Candidates will be given the option to provide diversity and experience statements, as used in the 2019 election process. However, no plans have been made to publish this information in advance of any appointments.

6. Any other business



  • [NL] Follow up with enquiries concerning Casual Vacancies.
  • [NL] Draft a post for the website summarising the eResNZ’20 workshop.
  • [HP] Contact Rowland Mosbergen about pictures from the eResAus 2019 workshop.
  • [HP, NL] Gather content from Workshop and BoF at eResAus 2019 and eRNZ 2020
  • [DC] D1 (Manifesto): re-draft (if appropriate) and outline steps to advance.
  • [NL] D7 (Survey): re-draft (if appropriate) and outline steps to advance.
  • [HP] D2 (Personas): re-draft (if appropriate) and outline steps to advance.
  • [NM] D4 (Web Presence): re-draft (if appropriate) and outline steps to advance.
  • [JB] D5 (Meetings): re-draft (if appropriate) and outline steps to advance.

Next Meeting

Several non-Victorian committee members will be in Melbourne for the C3DIS’20, so the committee agreed to take this opportunity for a more face-to-face meeting.

Steering Committee Meeting #5 on the evening of Mon. 16th March (provisionally).

Notes: These minutes have been drafted under part of the Chatham House Rule. This promotes openness, and inclusion, by not attributing any specific comment to any individual/s. The exception is that participants are necessarily listed as attendees of the Steering Committee meeting.