The RSE-AUNZ Steering Committee is pleased to announce the Birds-of-a-Feather session at C3DIS - Metrics for Measuring the Contributions of Research Software Engineers. The goals of the session are:

  1. To identify the various aspects of RSE contributions to research, and
  2. Agree on metrics that can realistically capture those RSE contributions.

Further details are available on the C3DIS abstract:

We would also like to highlight the BoF organised by Tom Honeyman (ARDC) - A National Approach to Research Software. That session will also have material relevant to RSE interests, particularly around having career pathways for RSEs. Further details here:

We encourage everyone to join both of these sessions, if possible. Your presence will help us capture the breadth of RSE roles and perspectives that exist.


Manodeep Sinha

(on behalf of the RSE-AUNZ Steering Committee)